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    Available courses

    Course Description

    This course provides a good understanding of African Development Bank’s (AfDB) financial products and services and the environment within which the Bank’s resources are raised and allocated. The course is structured around presentations, case studies sourced from selected Bank projects, and exercises meant to emphasize retention of information.

    The content has been jointly developed by a cross-section of departments in the Bank including the Credit Risk Department, the Private Sector Department, the Resource Mobilization and External Finance Department and the Energy and Climate Change Department, among others.

    Throughout the course you will learn more about: the Bank’s credit policy and risk assessment principles; the new ADF-13 lending terms; the newly approved Fully Flexible Loan and ADF Partial Credit Guarantee; Syndications; and a host of special trust funds.

    Description du Cours

    Ce cours offre une bonne compréhension des produis et services financiers offerts par le groupe de la Banque Africaine de Développement et l’environnement dans lequel celle-ci lève et alloue ses ressources. Le cours comporte des présentations, études de cas tirés d’un certain nombre de projets sélectionnés de la Banque, et des exercices visant à favoriser la rétention d’information.

    Le contenu a été conjointement préparé par un groupe représentatif des différents départements de la Banque parmi lesquels les départements du Risque Crédit, Secteur Privé, Mobilisation des Ressources et Financements Externes, et Energie et Changements Climatiques entre autres.

    Tout au long de ce cours, vous en apprendrez davantage sur la politique de crédit de la Banque et les principes d’évaluation du risque ; les nouvelles conditions de prêt du FAD-13 ; le tout récemment approuvé Prêt à Flexibilité Totale, et la Garantie Partielle de Crédit du FAD ; la Syndication des prêts ; et un éventail de Fonds Spéciaux.

    Course Description

    The main objective of holding this information sharing seminar is to have a platform whereby Bank experts – investment officers and climate change specialists - can improve their understanding on existing and new climate finance initiatives relevant to private sector and discuss options for further advancing the Bank’s climate change interventions in Africa, with a focus on investments involving public-private partnerships using innovative financing solutions. In summary, the seminar will focus on how the Bank can promote climate change as a business opportunity for the private sector in Africa

    Course Description

    The ‘gradual transition to green growth’ alongside inclusive growth, are the core objectives guiding the Bank’s Strategy for 2013-2022  which aims to advance Africa’s economic transformation and improve human welfare, while managing the profound socioeconomic and environmental challenges the continent faces. The seminar aims to introduce participants to the broad concept of green growth and how it fits into the broad agenda of achieving sustainable development broadly. Specifically,  the vision of the long-term strategy is presented as the overarching framework for  ‘mainstreaming’ green growth in Bank business; While the ‘how to’ of mainstreaming at both strategic (CSP) and project level, as articulated in the Green Growth Framework, is demonstrated