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Strengthening linkages in the ICT ecosystem in Africa

As Africa pursues the transformation agenda, there is urgent need to bridge the knowledge and capacity gap that exists in many countries and sectors. For any society to reach a reasonable level of sustainable development, a carefully planned integration of technologies would be required.

Unleashing ICTs for innovations and youth entrepreneurship

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has embraced a new approach to development that puts innovation at the centre in the delivery of Bank projects at both the staff and client levels. The Bank sees its role as not only that of a financier and policy advisor but also as a promoter of knowledge and innovation.

Building Innovative Capacity for Africa

If innovative capacity holds the key to unlocking Africa’s potential and achieving inclusive growth and sustainable development, Africa must explore new avenues to enhance technological innovation and create an environment that facilitates local, national and international initiatives to develop new technologies for tackling some of the many socio-economic challenges..

Featured Courses

Byadmin May 22, 2018

Atelier sur « La modélisation macroéconomique des économies africaines » Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, du 19 au 28 février 2018

L'objectif principal de cette formation est d'équiper les économistes des pays membres régionaux (PMR) de compétences avec divers modèles ma

Byadmin May 22, 2018

Workshop on “Macroeconomic Modelling of African Economies” Nairobi, Kenya, April 23 to May 3, 2018

The main objective of this training is to equip Regional Member Country (RMC) economists with various macroeconomic models which they can apply i

Byadmin Oct 26, 2016

Complex Cases in Procurement of Goods, Works and Services

The objective of the course is  to help participants to be able to proved timely positive advice while reviewing completed procurement cases sub

Byadmin Oct 26, 2016

Intermediate Procurement ( English)

The objective of the course is to train participants to gain a better understanding of the procurement rules and regulations of the Bank and to h

Byadmin Oct 26, 2016

Basic Course in Procurement

This is the first in the series of coures on the rules and procedures of procurement. This basic course focuses on the key concepts and the Bank'

Byadmin Oct 26, 2016

Macroeconomic Policy for Inclusive Growth, Employment Creation and Poverty Reduction

While African countries are witnessing growth resurgence since the turn of the century, they have not achieved commensurate progress in poverty r

Byadmin Oct 26, 2016

Value for Money in Social Sectors – Education

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has taken a lead role in putting value for money, sustainability and accountability on the policy agenda acro

Byadmin Oct 26, 2016

Capital Flight Reversal and Development Financing

African countries have experienced large-scale capital flight, even as they face large and growing financing gaps. This is a major obstacle to th