dialogueAn important recent  development in the area of building capacity  for policy dialogue in African countries has  been the establishment and promotion of  national think tanks.

The  purpose of this activity is to link the think tanks  and facilitate networking among African think  tanks on one hand and link them withinternational think tanks such as the Brookings and Korea Development Institute  while sharpening the policy dialogue engagement.

moneyWhile African countries are witnessing growth resurgence since the turn of the century, they have not achieved commensurate progress in poverty reduction. A key reason is that growth has not generated proportionate job creation and that growth has not been broad based. Strategies to accelerate poverty reduction must therefore involve a refocusing of macroeconomic policy on ‘real’ development goals, notably employment creation and inclusive growth, over and beyond the traditional short-term objective of macroeconomic stability. In this context, this course discusses innovative policies for generating growth that is inclusive and accompanied by employment creation and poverty reduction. The course is organized around the eight topics described below. Selected readings are provided under each topic. More documentation will be provided during the workshop.

Capital flightAfrican countries have experienced large-scale capital flight, even as they face large and growing financing gaps. This is a major obstacle to their efforts to achieve sustained high growth and poverty reduction. In this context, the objective of this workshop is to highlight expected gains from capital flight reversal in terms of development financing. Following a discussion of the nature and magnitude of capital flight from African countries, the workshop will explores strategies to curb capital flight, enhance its reversal and repatriation, and maximize the gains in terms of economic development.  It will underscore the importance of capital flight reversal as part of the national and continental agenda to reach sustainable development financing.