procurementRules and Procedures for the use of Consultants (ORPF)

This is the first in the series of coures on the rules and procedures of procurement. This basic course focuses on the key concepts and the Bank's rules for the procurement of goods, services and consultants.

The objective of the course is  to help participants to be able to proved timely positive advice while reviewing completed procurement cases submitted by borrowers. It wil also help participants to understand and maintain the highest fiduciary standards.

The Intermediate course in procurement is second level in the series of courses on the rules and procedures for the procurement of goods, Services and works.

Based on the documents of the Bank, the course contains powerpoint presentations, discussion forums for community of practice, live chat sessions and video recordings of the workshop on the subject.

acquisitionsL'objectif de ce cours est de former les participants à acquérir une meilleure compréhension des règles et des règlements d'approvisionnement de la Banque et d'aider à développer les compétences nécessaires pour faire face aux demandes croissantes d'acquisitions pour les projets financés par la Banque.